General conditions of supply

1. Conductaire, S.A. will not manufacture following UNE 100-101 / 100-102 / 100-103 / 100-104 standards as they are abolished or any other standard which may not be in force

2. Due to the high level of sheet consumption and as it stock up from multiple steel companies Conductaire, S.A. reserves the right to manufacture within a single order different shades of galvanised which will always be first quality being able to guarantee it with the composition certificates.

3. Conductaire, S.A. will report to the property the materials tittle reservation until payment in full. If this report is performed through the installer company we will need a written proof. According to Article 10 Law 3/2004.

4. No penalty clause for late delivery or performance shall be admitted by Conductaire, S.A. unless special agreements reflected and signed in this quotation contract.

5. It is the clients obligation to pay the invoice within no more than sixty days following the date of delivery of the merchandise or provision of the service – on the term applicable until 31 December 2011 Article 1.3 Law 5/10.
The payment conditions reflected in the Budget shall prevail.
In case of making payment by promissory note, accepted or domiciled bill or confirming, it is the clients obligation to provide such document within thirty days from the date of issue of the relative invoice.

6. Conductaire, S.A. will not accept any condition not reflected in this budget.

7. Conductaire, S.A. will not accept any retention type applied to the amount of the budget

8. Conductaire, S.A. does not recognize any customer contract at later date to this which does not endorse every exclusions and conditions detailed under this budget-contract.

9. Conductaire, S.A. would not begin with the services requested until the budget present budget duly signed and stamped is received.

10. If this budget contract conditions are not met Conductaire, S.A. could stop any work in progress of the client without possibility of claiming to our company the damages caused. To continue the work the company could ask for a bank guarantee as guarantee of collection.

11. This budget contract does not include any kind of certificate or test. That will be quoted independently except for E-600 ducts.

12. Conductaire, S.A. has committed itself to have a met all the work and tax requirements with the current legislation.

13. Conductaire, S.A. has fire resistance at 400ºC / 120 minutes and E 600º 120 minutes certificate at customers’ disposal. No certificates will be issued until the work is finished and up to date with payments.

14. The dimensional tolerances and the shape of the galvanized sheet will be defined by the European Standard EN 10143.

15. For the purposes of the Quality department and due to the ISO 9001-2000 standard, budget shall not contain erasures, overwritten words or other alterations. This may cause lateness to carry out the work. Budgets shall reach our offices with all the sheets signed and stamped with the name of the person signing completely legibly. If you wished to include any clarification, you can do it in another sheet of paper.

16. A duplicate of the invoice signed by the person responsible of the site may be required by Conductaire, S.A. as proof of conformity of the same.

17. The used system for the ducts measurement is the determined by the UNE 100716:2012 Sheet rectangular section air ducts surface measurement.

18. Both contracting parties are subject to the jurisdiction of the Courts and Tribunals of Alcorcón, expressly waiving any other forum of their own to which they may be entitled to settle any issue or controversy arising in terms of interpretation or execution of this budget contract.

19. Prices would be reviewed according to the price of the sheet in the National Market if the works were halted over 1 year

20. The undersigned hereby is held responsible of the reception and unload of the material supplied.

21. Conductaire, S.A. denies responsibility of the duct tightness if the assembly is not carried out by us (air and water tight in outer duct)

22. Conductaire, S.A. will not accept any working planning after accepting the budget

23. Conductaire, S.A. would have the possibility of two invoicing types per month or to one a fortnight in which case we will take as starting date of the computation of the period the date corresponding to the one-half of the period of the concerning invoice. Article 4 Law 5/10.

24. Withholding taxes cannot be stipulated as they would procuring the debtor additional liquidity at the expense of the creditor which may be considered as unfair terms and consequently void. Article 9.1 Law 5/10.

25. In the event of non or late payment an extra 2% of the unpaid amount will be invoiced for moratorium interests for each month until friendly or judicial payment is made plus a fixed amount of 40€

Formula to apply: (unpaid principal x2 %) x Number of months.

26. The non-payment of any of the invoices involves the disengagement of the guarantee of any material sold by Conductaire, S.A.

27. The undersigned acknowledges that he has read and agree all the previous points.