Rubber Seals

Our rubber seals system includes an EPDM resistant to ageing rubber seal that guarantee the sealing and the union between ducts durability without being affected by temperature changes.

The range extends components with a diameter from 80mm to 1250mm. All of them not even satisfy but overcome class C sealing requirements.

Due to the quality of the gaskets mounted in factory is guaranteed our rubber seals system installation is easy and fast. Each application is completely sealed in its exterior part and an additional seal is not required.

Helix tubes – spiral hemming operation – manufactured with our machines are provided with a stamped cavity in the hemming operation that makes the tube stiff. This guarantee the respect of the tolerances even during the handling and transport. This cavity, called “Bubblan” guarantee the performance and the high quality of our rubber seals systems.


  • Easy and fast installation
  • Factory mounted seal without loose elements
  • Adjustable. Enable the tube rotation as well as a fine adjustment without risk of leakage
  • Protects the environment because the assembly is carried out with seal without solvents
  • It can be installed under every weather conditions
  • Resists temperatures between -30º to +100º
  • Resists a positive pressure up to 3.000 Pa