Air-conditioning ducts manufacturers

Conductaire®, s.a. was founded in 1986 with the principal aim of offering high quality products and services in the market of air-conditioning systems

Conductaire®, s.a. management board determined since the beginnings of the company, an action plan focused on the fulfilment of general and specific goals that ensure the strengthening of the company and its continuous evolution ensuring – hand in hand- customer service and total satisfaction.

30 years

Experience and Quality

In order to maintain the quality standards we have undertaken, we have unique technologic innovations at national level and a highly specialized and experienced team of professionals in our different departments: manufacturing, mounting, commercial, administration, financial and quality control. All focused in customer satisfaction in accordance to fulfil the requirements set.

Ducts made by Conductaire®, S.A, with UT1-UT2 fitting, connection flange 20-30mm, circular and oval ducts have passed the fire tests at a 400ºC temperature during 120 minutes, under the PT106043 and UNE 23093:81 test regulations.

Conductaire®, S.A. has design and patented an air circulation duct for galvanized sheet in which some ribs and transversal folding lines have been added and distributed alternately. This design reduces vibrations significantly and gains a 50% stiffness increase over traditional ducts.

  • To guarantee the quality of the provided products
  • The fulfilment of the requirements offered to our clients, consolidating the confidence to our organisation
  • The fulfilment of the legal or regulatory requirements
  • Continuous improvement of the processes, procedures and products

From Conductaire®, s.a. we would like to thank you for your kind interest in our company, products and services. Hopefully the information available at this site could meet your expectations so we could establish a professional working relationship which could be mutual benefit without doubt.