Rectangular stainless tube complements

Rectangular ducts

Rectangular stainless tube complements

Other complements assembly

  Reinforced T junction profile (B Type) UT-1 y UT-2
  Angular iron flanges (C and D Type)
  Bottom insulation in VN-36-12 ducts or polyethylene
  Bird protection mesh (min, 0.25)
  Anti-vibration canvas – Supply and assembly
  Anti-vibration canvas - Supply
  • The flexible tube will be charged double of correspondent circular tube assembly
  • Rectangular necks will be invoiced at the very least as a 0,50m2 surface
  • Circular necks will be invoiced at most as one lineal metre of correspondent tube


Fire damper assembly

  Fire damper from 0 to 600 length
  Fire damper from 650 to 1200 length
  Fire damper from 1250 to 1500 length



Control damper assembly

  Control damper assembly 

Note: These assembly prices will be accurate in case the necessary material is gathered in the work place at the moment of assembling the correspondent ducts. Administration assembly will be invoiced whether necessary.


Plenum for de lineal grid supply

  Plenum for grid of one path
  Plenum for grid of two paths
  Plenum for grid of three paths
  Plenum for grid of four paths



Plenum for de lineal grid assembly

  Madrid province
  Other provinces


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