General conditions of supply and assembly

General conditions of supply and assembly

1- Conductaire, S.A. It will not be manufactured under the UNE 100-101 / 100-102 / 100-103 / 100-104 norms as they are repealed, nor by any other norm that is not in force.

2- Are excluyed the manufacture of fences, open holes in doors, windows, Artrong ceilings, plaster or similar and in general all masonry work, locksmithing, glassware, duct reforming, as well as removal of waste and electrical installations, scaffolding and lifting means of materials.

3- Conductaire, S.A. Due to the great consumption of sheet metal and to be supplied about several steelmakers, reserves the right to manufacture in the same order different tones of galvanized which will always be of the 1st quality, being able to guarantee it with the certificates of composition.

4- Conductaire, S.A. It will communicate to the property the reservation of dominion of the material until its complete payment. If this communication is made through the installation company, we will need proof in writing. According to art. 10 Law 3/2004.

5- Conductaire, S.A. Will not admit any penalty for delay in the delivery or execution of the works, if they have not been agreed, reflected and signed in this contract budget.

6- The ducts manufactured whose assembly is not realized by reforms or modifications in the traces of the same, will be charged as if this assembly was done.

7- The ducts manufactured whose assembly is not realized by reforms or modifications in the traces of the same, will be charged as if this assembly was done.

8- Obligation for the customer to pay the invoice , within a period not exceeding sixty days, counted from the date of delivery of the goods or provision of services (term applicable until December 31, 2011). Art 1.3Law 5/10).
The payment conditions reflected in the budget will prevail.
In case of opting for payment by means of promissory note, effect accepted and domiciled or confirming, obligation for the same to send us such document, within a period of thirty days from the date of issuance of the invoice.

9- Conductaire, S.A. It will not admit any condition that is not reflected in this budget.

10- Conductaire, S.A. It will not allow to be applied any type of withholding to the amount of this contract budget.

11- Conductaire, S.A. Will not recognize any contract of the customer with a later date that does not collect all the exclusions and conditions detailed in this contract-budget.

12- Conductaire, S.A. Will not start the requested works until he receives the budget duly signed and sealed by the client.

13- Conductaire, S.A. Will not start the requested works until he receives the budget duly signed and sealed by the client.

14- Conductaire, S.A. Will be able to invoice 75% of the budget when the material is sent to the work, and the remaining 25% at the end of the works.

15- This budget contract does not include any type of certificate or essay. It will be budgeted separately. Except for E-600 conduits

16- Internal and external cleaning of ducts is not included.

17- Conductaire, S.A. Is committed to having and complying with all labor and tax requirements of current legislation.

18- Conductaire, S.A. Has contracted General Liability policy with the company Mapfre No. 046-5402803272 for the amount of 1,000,000 euros per claim. In the event of an accident, you must inform Conductaire, S.A. In a period of 48 hours, to give part to the company and that this in turn to the expert. Beyond this deadline, Conductaire, S.A. Shall not be liable for such loss.

19- Conductaire, S.A. Has at the customer's disposal, Certificate of fire resistance at 400º C / 120 minutes and E 600º 120 minutes. The Certificates will not be issued until the work is completed and the payment stay realized.

20- The dimensional and shape tolerances of the galvanized sheet shall be defined by the European Standard EN 10143.

21- Due to the requirements of the Quality department and for reasons of ISO 9001-2000, budgets should not carry out erasures, modifications or annotations. This causes a delay in carrying out the work. Budgets must arrive at our offices with all signed and sealed sheets with the name of the person who signs it completely legible. If you wish to clarify something, do so on another separate sheet.

22- Conductaire, S.A. Will download the materials to be used in the installation in the place indicated by the contracting company. If necessary to move them, the time spent plus the machinery used for the displacement will be charged. (The manager, if any, will sign the administration parts at the end of the work).

23- Conductaire, S.A. Will charge for the displacements for measurements and works by administration, the following tariffs:

Madrid = 2 hours + km.

Provinces = 3 hours + km + 1 hour for every 80 km.

24- Conductaire, S.A. May require the responsible for the work to sign us a duplicate of the invoice as proof of acceptance of the same.

25- Conductaire, S.A. Will not be responsible for any material that does not supply and not receive any material supplied by other companies if the assemblers are not on site. If we had to move to receive material not provided by Conductaire, S.A. Will be charged the displacement plus the time spent by administration.

26- In garages that do not have an entrance ramp or are in poor condition, the lowering of materials and ducts will be borne by the Installing Company that contracts to Conductaire, S.A.

27- In conduit assembly, Will be provided to Conductaire S.A in each plant water and points of current and lighting to carry out the work with the necessary safety measures.

28- The system used for the measurement of the ducts shall be that determined in UNE 100716: 2012 Measurement and quantification of the air ducts surface of rectangular section sheet and UNE 100717: 2013 Measurement and quantification of metalic sheet air ducts of circular and oval section.

29- Both contracting parties submit to the jurisdiction of the courts and tribunals of Alcorcón, expressly waiving their own jurisdiction to settle any question or difference as to the interpretation or fulfillment of this budget contract.

30- In terraces, Conductaire, S.A. Is not responsible for protecting the floors that will be in charge of the company that hired us.

31- Conductaire, S.A. Will not accept any work schedule after accepting the budget.

32- Conductaire, S.A. will have the possibility of two types of billing per month, or one every fifteen days, in which case we will take as the starting date of the computation of the term, the one corresponding to the half of the period of the invoice in question. Art.4 Law 5/10.

33- No on-account withholdings can be stipulated, as they would imply giving the debtor additional liquidity at the expense of the creditor, and therefore should be considered unfair terms, and therefore void. Art.9.1 Law 5/10.

34- In case of non-payment or delay in the payment agreed upon, a 2% of the amount due will be invoiced as default interest, for each month elapsed until the friendly or judicial payment plus a fixed amount of € 40.

Formula to apply: (Unpaid capital x 2%) x Number of months.

35- Measurements will be made monthly and will not accepted a final measurement of the work.

36- Failure to pay any of the invoices implies the withdrawal of the warranty of any material sold by Conductaire, S.A.

37- The undersigned acknowledges having read and agreed to all of the above.